New LED Bars for Hire

New LED Bars for Hire

SB Lite has just added the new Showtec Light Bar 12 Pixel to its hire stock. The Light Bar 12 features 12x RGBW LED’s that can be individually controlled via DMX to create stunning chases and pixel control. In addition to this the white LED allows for both saturated and pastel colour mixing.

The LED bars have gone straight out on hire with lighting designer Tom Dyson for a production of Boogie Nights at the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield City Centre. As well as LED bars SB Lite has supplied Tom with Truss and a custom ‘Boogie Nights’ gobo.

"The LED Bar’s were used to down and uplight four white 16ft legs either side of the stage. The director wanted a lighting fixture that would be able to light the legs in solid colours for scenes but in turn be able to run exciting effects through the legs for big upbeat musical numbers throughout the show!

The ability to be able to control each cell is a great feature on these battens as you can get some really nice smooth DMX colour chases running along the bar. Due to the nature of the musical, I needed an LED batten that gave me the ability to create different yet exciting chases for each musical number, the Showtec Light Bar 12 certain fulfils this!" - Tom Dyson


Photo courtesy of TD Lighting

Tom Dyson Lighting

May 10, 2016