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Data Input/output

Data Input/output

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Lighting Desk

SB Lite supply lighting desks for any level, whether your looking for a budget lighting desk to control LED pars or if your looking for a top level lighting desk for arena tours we can help.

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Easy fade 36

The Easy Fade 36 is a new and easy to use lighting desk. It is...

Price £137.50


The HEXCON is a 36-channel DMX controller that was...

Price £79.00


ADJ’s myDMX 3.0 is a multi-platform DMX control...

Price £199.00

Obey 10

Obey™ 10 is a compact controller ready to handle all the...

Price £75.00

Obey 3

Obey™ 3 is a compact DMX controller for LED lights with three...

Price £45.00

Obey 4

It’s a compact DMX controller for LED wash lights with 3- or...

Price £49.00

Obey 40

The Obey™ 40 is the next step up from the Obey™ 10, allowing...

Price £99.00

Obey 70

Bigger shows call for more accessibility and ease of programming.

Price £129.00