Our range of generic Lighting including Par Cans, Floods & Fresnels. These are perfect for theatre.

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  • Accessories

    We are able to supply a range of accessories to fit our lighting, these include barn doors and gel holders. Make sure you also have a look at our range of lighting gel.

  • Blinders

    Blinders can create stunning effects. We stock both normal and active blinders. Active blinders feature in-built dimmer and take a DMX feed straight in eliminating the need for dimmers.

  • Floods / Fresnels

    Frenel and flood lights are perfect for theatres and creating a wash to suit your performance.

  • LED Bars

    LED bars have a whole range of applications from lighting Cyc's to creating some eye candy effects.

  • Par Cans

    One of the longest standing lighting is the Par Can, we stock a range of standard and LED pars in a range of styles including Par 16, 34, 56, 64 and flat pars.

  • Profiles

    Profiles create be used to create a sharp circle of light that can be used to project gobos or just as a spotlight.

  • UV

    Our UV lights do exactly as you expect, flood an area with ultraviolet light.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 97 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 97 items