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Disco effect lighting

We keep a wide range of Disco effects in stock wether your looking for a few simple lights or a DMX controlled lighting rig.

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The 4PLAY™ is a ready to go light bar for on the go enterainers.

Price £150.00

Dynamic LED

The showtec dynamic LED is a 4 in 1, DMX effect light with 42...

Price £131.50

Cyclone 4

The Cyclone 4 is a compact dynamic light effect with a big...

Price £159.50

Disco Star

The Showtec Disco Star is a very compact but powerful...

Price £72.00

Blade Runner

The Showtec Blade Runner is a LED light-effect with 4 separate...

Price £142.00


The Showtec Inversion is a 4-in-1 scanner effect with LED...

Price £218.00

Swing 4

If you can´t choose between a moonflower effect or a derby...

Price £180.50

Mini Kinta

Fitted with 3W LEDs to punch through nearly any ambient...

Price £76.00


The LX5™ is an update to the ZX-5™ of CHAUVET's Precision™...

Price £47.00


The LX10™ is a moonflower fixture from CHAUVET. The LX10™...

Price £60.00

DJ Bank

The DJ Bank™ quickly and easily adds color to any party. This...

Price £48.00

Scat moon

The Showtec Scat moon is a RGBW plug and play LED moonflower....

Price £40.00

Star LED

The Star LED is a plug & play disco effect which creates a...

Price £45.00

Sunraise LED

The Sunraise LED is a dynamic and colorful effect which has...

Price £137.50

Swarm 5 FX

The swarm 5FX features a room filling lighting effect, a...

Price £214.00


The Showtec Dominator is a 3-in-1 light effect that combines 8...

Price £211.00


This compact LED effect creates powerfuil eye catching effects...

Price £119.00

Quadra Beam

The JB Systems Quadra Beam features 4 LED clusters with 256...

Price £99.00