Lighting Dictionary 


The number of channels that can be used on one universe of DMX


What the channel on a light does, eg, pan, tilt, 


Turning the intensity of a light to 0 to make it dark. A blackout button will often turn every light off thats connected to it.

Cat 5

A type of cable, commonly used for networking and data exchange.


 A Chases is made of more than one scene ontop of each other looping round to form a chase.


The protocol used to control lighting


Refers to a light or other fixutre such as a smoke machine.


The pattern a light projects onto the floor. Usually made using a metal or glass disk within the light.


(Light Emitting Diode) A form of lamp. LEDs are estimated to last upto 50,000 hours and are more economical than a normal lamp.

Moving Head

The main body of the light physically moves to change the direction of the output.


Telling a lighting desk what light is connected and to what channel.


A pre-recorded chase or scene that is output. Directly executed by the user.


Simular to a moving head but only a mirror on the front moves. A scanner has a more limited range as it cannot shine behind its self.


A static lighting state.


A mechanical device inside a light that reduces the amount of light output. Often used in discharge lights as a more cost effective way to turning of a lamp.

Sound to Light

The light changes to the beat of the music

Standalone Mode

The light changes automatically, even if no music is detected


Type of moving head. A spot creates a more defined beam of light.


A group of 512 channels. Some lighting desks can control several universes.


Floods an area with light. Less controllable.


A type of connector, Available with 3, 4 or 5 pins. Normally metal. The XLR is the connector on the end, not the type of cable.