Avolites Titan One Help Page

This page should help you get started with the Avolites Titan One software. If any of the terminology confuses you dont forget we have a lighting dictionary to help. Please feel free to get in touch for more help.

You can download the latest version of the Avolites Titan PC Suite here

The first thing to do it connect the Titan One to your laptop, this video shows you how to do this:

If its the first time you will also have to register the software in order to activate it. The software will generate a licence code to export to the Avo website here

Once you have got the Titan One software installed you need to start by Patching your fixtures, this video shows patching on the Tiger Touch desk but the principals behind it are exacly the same in the Titan One Software. Where the video shows you pressing a physical patch button the virtual patch button can be found in the middle section of buttons (Blue):

When you have patched the fixtures you can start using the software. To get the most from the software you need to select a layout that works best for you. This video shows you how to change the window layout:

When you have sorted your layout you can start recording a cue. This video shows how to record a cue on the Tiger Touch, the diffrence when recording a cue on the Titan software is you dont have a physical playback button, instead you have the virtual button located at the bottom of the screen. Where the video presses the Playback button, you need to press the virtual button.

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