Dick Whittington gets LED Pros

Dick Whittington gets LED Pros

Dick Whittington gets LED Pros


SB Lite has once again worked with Lighting Designer, Tom Dyson, on his design of Dick Whittington for the Wales Community Theatre Players at the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield.


Tom was looking for something new for the proscenium arch of the theatre that would give a great impact. Working closely with SB Lite we opted for our new DigiArtWiFi controllers running 30LED/m digital LED strip encased in frosted extrusion. The DigiArtWiFi controllers allowed for easy installation of the LED strip around the proscenium without the need for data cables running via a WiFi network linked to the lighting desk. The system run on ArtNet giving Tom individual control of over 500 pixels.


“Im very happy with it and everyone else is too! So thanks for giving me a hand sorting it” – Tom Dyson


To compliment Toms own equipment he also hired in four of the American DJ RxOne for either side of the proscenium. Sat on the floor shining up from either side of the stage, these lights gave Tom the x-factor look he was after.


Dick Whittington runs from the 12th January until 20th January at the Montgomery Theatre. More information can be found on the Wales Community Theatre Players Facebook page.