Phoenix Dance Theatre - Chroma Q battens

Phoenix Dance Theatre - Chroma Q battens

Phoenix Dance Theatre - Chroma Q battens


SB Lite has recently supplied Phoenix Dance in Leeds with new Chroma-Q Color Force II LED batterns as well as set lighting and accessories.


SB Lite has been working with Phoenix Dance Theatres Technical Manager and lighting designer Luke Haywood in providing him with some new lighting fixtures for the latest dance tour, Windrush: Movement of the people.


We supplied Luke with 8 Chroma-Q Color Force II 48 LED batterns, in flightcases, to provide a bright and even, cyc wash.


“We are currently replacing out old equipment to upgrade out touring capabilities and help us maintain out high production standards. We chose the Chroma Q II 48s as they offered us a high quality light output with less energy usage and are durable enough to stand our touring schedule. They give us the capability to change the color of the cyc instantly and gain full control of each cell to help us offer designers more scope to blend colors over the cyc.

We chose SB Lite for their great customer service and competitive pricing.” – Luke Haywood


To add to the atmosphere we supplied an American DJ Entourage Hazer with our own brand Premium Haze Fluid. The ADJ hazer gives a vast 15,000 feet per minute outputting and comes built into a tour ready flight case making it perfect for the dance group.


Along with the LED battens we supplied tanktraps, cabling and DMX controlled LED strip used in set pieces.


The production is on tour across the UK until May. More details can be found on the Phoenix Dance website.

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