Basic Stage Lighting Kit - 4x 5P Hex with controller & cables


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This kit is an ideal starter kit for lighting performances. Ideal for theatre and bands. The 5P hex feature RGBWA+UV - Ideal for lighting faces.

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This kit contains 4x 5P Hex par cans, a Hexcon controller and all the cables you require. This kit is ideal for stage and band lighting. The 5P hex feature 5x 10w RGBWA+UV LEDs, the white LEDs allow for nice saturated colours and a tungsten look, something that is hard to re-create with standard RGB Par cans. The wide 30-degree beam angle will give you good stage coverage.

The kit comes with the Hexcon controller allowing for easy setup and control of the par cans. Each light can be individually controlled or select them all and change the colour together. The controller features 24 pre-set colour buttons but also allows for colour mixing using the inbuilt sliders. Bands may want to take advantage of the sound to light features that can be triggered and controlled from the Hexcon. The Hexcon is a simple yet comprehensive, easy to use controller that anyone can use.

With 3x 1.5m cables and 1x 10m DMX cables the kit comes with everything you need to get you started.

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