LED Bars

LED Bars

LED bars have a whole range of applications from lighting Cyc's to creating some eye candy effects.

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LED Light Bar 8

The LED Light bar 8 is the another member of the LED Light Bar...

Price £79.62


Great for use as a powerful wash with the additional eye candy...

Price £294.88

LED Light Bar 16

The LED Light bar 16 is a new member of the LED Light Bar...

Price £88.38

Ultra Bar 9 (1m)

The American DJ Ultra Bar 9 is a 1m long LED Bar featuring 9...

Price £130.38

Pixel Bar 8 COB

The Pixel Bar 8 COB is a very powerful batten which uses the...

Price £213.07

Wipe Out 360 RGBW

The Wipeout 360 RGBW is equipped with 4 RGBW LED's. The...

Price £481.25

Wipe Out 360 W

The Wipeout 360 White is an innovative concept and brings...

Price £367.50

Wipe Out 8RGBW

The Showtec Wipe Out bars create a very bright moving beam...

Price £438.38