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Confetti & Streamers

We stock a range of confetti and streamer options in stock. Contact us today for more info.

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FX Shot Baseplate

This optional FX Shot base plate is ideal for mounting 1, 2,...

Price £46.38

Funfetti Refill

The CHAUVET® DJ Funfetti Shot™ Refill for the Funfetti Shot™...

Price £8.74

FX Shot Confetti Cannons

The Showtec electric cannons are single use cannons, prefilled...

Price £6.12

Handheld Professional Confetti Cannon

Handheld cannons are single use cannons prefilled with...

Price £3.50

Show Confetti Bag - 1kg

The Showtec Show Confetti comes in 1kg bags in a range of...

Price £9.41

FX Shot Refill Packs

The Showtec electric cannon is a single use cannon, prefilled...

Price £56.88

FX Gun

The Showtec FX Gun allows you to create an extra dimension to...

Price £338.63

Confetti Booster ll

Perfect for full crowd coverage in medium/large sized venues,...

Price £1,968.75